Public Jobs

Bids due in 10 days
7/31/19 2:00 pm
62772 - Chattanooga HA-D-849-07 Replacement of Makeup Air Units & Exhaust Fans - Mary Walker Towers
Allen and Hoshall
Chattanooga, TN
The work to be done consists generally of the replacement of two rooftop dedicated outdoor air units and 20 roof mounted exhaust fans and other related work, as shown on the drawings and/or described in the specifications.
Bids due in 16 days
8/6/19 7:00 pm
72188 - Mize Water System Improvements
Allen and Hoshall
Mize, MS
The work to be done consists generally of 6-inch water mains, booster pump, hydropneumatic tank, and related items.
Bids due in 23 days
8/13/19 2:00 pm
62725 - Yalobusha General Hospital & Nursing Home Gen Replace
Allen and Hoshall
Water Valley, MS
The work to be done consists generally of: Installation of new 300kW generator and associated electrical equipment.
Bids due in 8 days
7/29/19 7:00 pm
Heidelberg Drainage and Sewer Improvements
Allen and Hoshall
Heidelberg, MS
The work generally consists of de-snagging Beaver Creek from Highway 528 South to the City Limits, and related items.
Bidding Closed
7/16/19 10:00 am
Ripley 2018 CDBG
Allen and Hoshall
Ripley, TN
Sanitary Sewer Improvements
Bidding Closed
6/11/19 2:00 pm
CHA Runway 2-20 Lighting Replacement
Allen and Hoshall
Chattanooga, Tennessee
The project consists of the replacement of the runway centerline, touchdown zone, edge, and threshold lights on Runway 2-20, including installation of conduit connecting existing edge light bases and replacing cable for the complete circuits comprising the runway lighting system. The project encompasses all sitework, trenching, lighting, turfing and other related work as shown on the drawing and/or in the specifications.
Bidding Closed
6/18/19 1:30 pm
72137 CMU - Cast Iron Gas Main Replacement Phase II
Allen and Hoshall
Canton, MS
Installation of natural gas distribution system piping and miscellaneous items
Bidding Closed
5/15/19 2:00 pm
62851 - Horn Lake Intermediate School Flooring Project
Allen and Hoshall
Horn Lake, MS
The work to be done consists generally of: The removal of the existing flooring and installation of new flooring for the lobby area of Horn Lake Intermediate School. Approximately 6,200 sf of flooring.
Bidding Closed
5/8/19 2:00 pm
SWCC Macon Campus Generator Replacement - SBC Number 166/033-02-2017
Allen and Hoshall
5983 Macon Cove, Memphis, TN
62690 - SCS Bellevue HVAC Equipment Replacement
Allen and Hoshall
575 S. Bellevue, Memphis, TN. 38104
The scope of the project includes the replacement of 32 unit ventilators, one boiler, 4 heating only unit ventilators, 6 fan coil units, 10 air handlers, one chiller, one cooling tower, one condensing unit, and all associated controls work.”